Dorm and Room Options



METU Northern Cyprus Campus dormitories are furnished with state of the art technology, offering students a safe, comfortable and well-cared environment. There are pathways for wheelchairs and Dormitory I is convenient for the accommodation of the physically disabled. 

The campus provides various options for accommodation. 

  • Dormitory I: Two or four students share a room, with a separate common study area and a bathroom. All rooms have AC and central heating, broadband internet connection, cable TV and internal telephones. In addition to a lobby, TV room, canteen, laundry and ironing room available for common usage, there are common kitchens and study rooms in the three blocks, one of which is for females. 
  • Dormitory II: This building is designed to accommodate three students in a suite with individual bedrooms, a common study area, a kitchen and a bathroom. The building consists of two separate blocks, one for males, one for females. Other facilities and services are similar to Dormitory I. 
  • Dormitory III: The rooms are designed to accommodate two or four students (2 double bedrooms). The WCs, bathrooms and kitchens are available for common usage (app. 26-32 persons). In addition, there are study rooms on each floor. Other facilities and services are similar to Dormitory I and II
  • Dormitory IV (METU Development Foundation EBİ Private Students Dormitory): Suite rooms for 4 people are arranged in rooms 2 + 2. Kitchen + Bath & WC+ study hall are available for every room (please check EBİ Student Dormitory page for more details).

Guaranteed Accommodation:
Accommodation is guaranteed for the first two years on campus for international students.

Documents Required for Dorm Registration
  • Medical report from an approved health center in TRNC, showing negative results of the PPD, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C tests. 
  • 4 passport type pictures

Please check Dorm/Room Conveniences Chart for more details about dorm-specific facilities.

Please check Photo Gallery for more photographs of dormitories and their rooms.