Culture and Convention Center

The Culture and Convention Center (CCC) provides a venue for social, cultural and academic activities serving the METU NCC community as well as the local community.
Having an aesthetically and functionally perfect architecture and infrastructure, the CCC houses four state-of-the-art amphitheaters; one with 522, another with 210 and the other with 109 seats. Furthermore, with a total of 5791 m2 of meeting space, CCC accommodates 7 seminar rooms (four with 20 seats, three with 60 seats), one smart class, five simultaneous translation rooms, a small and a big hall, café, canteen and a lobby.

Culture and Convention Center Hall maps

Please consult nccscaoatmetu.edu.tr or +90 392 661 1912-1913-1914 for your enquiries regarding the usage of CCC.